Michè Fambro

Artist of the Month | January 2009


Miche uses the Pure Classic and the Pure Preamp with his classic nylon string guitar

Miché tried taking guitar lessons as a kid. But, unless he agreed to play right-handed, they wouldn’t teach him. So, he went home, flipped the guitar back over and taught himself. Playing left-handed and upside-down, Miché was destined to have a unique sound – one which continued to evolve as he borrowed freely from Latin, Jazz, Flamenco, and pop guitar stylings to accompany his original tunes.

As the grandson of a Vaudeville entertainer, Miché has always believed that “the show’s the thing,” and strives to make each performance a memorable event. With a number of CDs to his name (including his most recent, “Cafe Vignettes,” a collection of songs and stories about life on the road), Miché is also the producer of the online video series, “Guitar Lessons” – an entertaining, behind-the-scenes look at the life of independent musicians through interviews, sketches, and real life hilarity.

For more information, check out www.miche.com

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