Francois Beauvais

Artist of the Month | January 2013


Francois uses the PowerMix Trinity and PowerMix Pure systems in his guitars:

When I play for Cavalia, we play in a studio environment with in-ears and headphones monitoring systems and since we play 7 times a week, we’ve become extremely sensitive to the blend and sound we need. With K&K pickups on my nylon and acoustics, it’s been nothing but bliss!

François is the current guitar player for Cavalia, a large-scale equestrian and performing arts production that is often compared to Cirque du Soleil. The show has been touring since 2003 all over the world and has been seen by more than 3 million spectators. The acoustic guitar oriented music was written by the renowned guitarist and composer Michel Cusson. François has been an active professional musician since 2005. While still studying music at college, he first collaborated with Cusson by playing his music for another major French Canadian production ”AO La Fantastique Légende” in Drummondville, Québec in the 2008 and 2009 productions.

He is also known for being a great modern jazz player and has was the initial guitar player for the “4105 Quartet” that played the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 2011. That same year at the Jazz Festival, he also played for the jazz vocalists band “Réversible” at the CBC stage. In the spring of 2011 he was called back by Cusson to join the Cavalia band. And has been since then touring all over North America including Mexico City.

François is currently working on a new band called “La Band” in honour of former Cavalia band mates. François tells us the music will be a blend of jazz, pop and blues and will be touring between Cavalia gigs in Australia next year 2013.

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