Simon Smith

Artist of the Month | January 2015


“The Power Mix Pure XT System is the perfect blend of on-stage presence and clarity, and pure acoustic guitar sound. Live it allows me high stage volumes, without feedback, and superior sound quality over all of the other systems I’ve used.

In the studio it comes into its own and enables what I consider to be the truest and clearest acoustic guitar tone that I’ve ever come across. My dynamic playing style really benefits from the K&K being able to pick up on any nuances… Now that I’ve used a K&K, I will never use anything else.”

Born to English parents in San Diego, CA, Simon Smith moved back to the UK in late ’93. Now 22 years old, he has been playing the guitar for 14 years. Although he has always been a lover of all types of music, it wasn’t until 2012 that he first picked up the acoustic guitar, and founded the three piece band Rocinia. Now gigging all across the South of the UK, Rocinia are slowly building a reputation as an energetic rock band, fronted by a fingerpicked guitarist. This unusual format, coupled with Simon’s distinctive voice, makes for interesting listening. They are hoping to record a full album in the summer of 2015. Their first release “Big Blue” is available on all major download platforms. Simon’s solo track “Remember Me and Smile” is now available to download from Bandcamp.

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