Andrew Kasab

Artist of the Month | January 2020


The K&K PowerMix Pure XT System, with the Pure Mini and Fantastick pickups, is incredibly adaptable to not just the various picking styles and techniques I use, but also to the incredibly challenging situations in which I perform in. The ability to have a transparent sound that accurately represents the instrument’s natural tone and also be able to turn up without creating feedback is why I feel confident every time I plug in my guitar and harp guitar in front of an audience or in a recording studio. K&K provides tried and true tools for a working professional.

Andrew Kasab is an American fingerstyle guitarist, harp guitarist and singer-songwriter. He is known for combining traditional and contemporary techniques, energetic performances, arrangements of modern works for the guitar and harp guitar and occasionally plays harmonica and ukulele.

He has been performing for over 30 years at music halls, events, festivals, restaurants and other venues, self released 11 albums of solo material, and plays multiple styles including folk, blues, country, bluegrass, jazz, American fingerstyle, American primitive and contemporary acoustic styles.

“Raleigh’s Andrew Kasab plays a curious instrument: the harp guitar. His twelve-string acoustic apparatus looks like something snatched from a Heironymous Bosch painting, but in Kasab’s hands, it delivers the most delightful sounds. On 2015′s ‘Fish,’ Kasab tackles a surprisingly wide range of styles over twenty-four tracks, from the opening, American Primitive-inspired ‘Ire’ to the snappy, aptly titled ‘D St Funk.’ Kasab’s music is gentle enough that it works well as a background complement….but do give yourself the favor of giving him your rapt attention instead” – Allison Hussey, Indyweek (Jan 04, 2018)

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