Bruno Malo

Artist of the Month | October 2014


Bruno uses the Bass Master Pro and Bass Master RB in his upright basses:

“The Bass Master Pro and Bass Master RB give me the best tone and definition, with amazing blend of high quality frequencies that enhances my sound, with a nice compact and easy to use preamp”

Bruno Malo, fascinated by the 80′s British music style “Psychobilly” and the Rumbling sound of the slappin’ Upright bass,started is music career in 2002 and still rocking ever since.

Born in Portugal in 1982, and currently living in the UK, Bruno is an upright bass player with 13 years of experience with a particular fast technique of slapping bass. He is involved in numerous musical projects from rockabilly to western swing. Bruno has a vast number of recording sessions and international gigs under his belt.

Current Projects: The Guitar Slingers and The Moonshine stalkers, both busy projects with a fair amount of international shows and recorded material.

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Guitar Slingers
The Moonshine Stalkers

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