Will Dudley

Artist of the Month | October 2016


I use the the Definity Pickup and Big Twin for my African harps. They sound wonderful through my compact PA system. Listeners are consistently dazzled by the warm bass and detailed highs! 

Will Dudley is a professional kora and ngoni player from Portland, Oregon. The two instruments are West African harps, played by the Mande people of Senegal, Mali, and the Gambia.

The instruments are built from large calabash gourds, cut in half and covered with cow hide. This body serves as a resonator, from which a long hardwood neck and free-standing bridge extend. The strings are traditionally made of fishing line! Will discovered the kora in college, at the Ohio State University.  After studying under ethnomusicologist Ryan Skinner, he spent the winter of 2014 in West Africa, studying the kora.

He uses a Big Twin on his kora, and a Definity Pickup on his ngoni.


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