Roman Morykit

Artist of the Month | November 2009


Roman uses the K&K Power Mix Pure XT system in his Santa Cruz guitar, he wrote us:

A few years ago, I purchased my dream guitar, a Santa Cruz OMPWM, an absolutely beautiful sounding instrument.. the kind of instrument that you just want to play all day and night. I was excited to have this be my live axe and so I talked with my guitar tech, Steve Spaulding and he told me about the K&K pick-up systems and recommended the K&K Power Mix Pure XT with dual channel Pro ST Preamp. From the first moment I plugged it in, I knew I had found a system that made my guitar sound like my guitar. None of that tinny plink, plink tone that I was so accustomed to with the competitors pickups.. you know that tone that sounds like your ears are blocked from a head cold?! This was the full bodied, rich balanced tone that I was used to hearing when I played the guitar unplugged. And every time I plug the guitar into any sound system, the sound engineer ALWAYS asks what the hell I have in my guitar. And after every show, I am always asked, by any guitarists there, what kind of pick up system I’m using. I have now installed the pickup system in all of my acoustics. And the great thing is, I can use the same Pro ST Preamp!

Here is a live track from this show, which was the taping for the live DVD where you can hear the guitar with ONLY the K&K; no mics. Sounds amazing!

Loving me.mp3


British-born Roman Morykit is the producer, musician and co-writer for the international touring group, Gypsy Soul. He has had over 20 years experience in the music business both in Europe and the United States as a session player, writer, producer and also as an artist with A & M Records in the UK .

After moving to the States from Scotland , Roman and wife/musical partner Cilette Swann formed Off The Beaten Track Recordings in 1997. During the past decade, Roman has co-written and produced a total of 19 CDs for numerous artists.

Gypsy Soul have also spent the last 10 years building their international base through their extensive touring, foreign licensing deals and music career workshops given at colleges and universities. Roman and Cilette have sold over 110,000 CDs on their own, without external label support. Their stellar, passionate performances and songwriting excellence has earned the duo the reputation as one of the most highly respected independent artists in the country today. In 2006 Gypsy Soul signed a worldwide co-publishing deal with PEN Music Group, Inc.

The duo’s songs have been featured in motion pictures and have aired over 100 times on network TV shows such as: Providence, Roswell , Felicity, MTV specials, Movies of the Week, among others. With hundreds of radio stations playing songs from their latest CD, Beneath The Covers: A Rediscovery, the duo has charted at #5 on the International New Age Charts and at #8 on the Folk DJ charts. In December 2007 they were part of a holiday sampler that also reached #1 on the Folk DJ Charts.

Having diverse cultural backgrounds, Roman and Cilette masterfully blend their Celtic and Americana Roots while infusing Blues, Jazz and Folk stylings. Attracting audiences who enjoy Sarah McLachlan, Alison Krauss, Loreena McKennitt and Sheryl Crow, this highly seasoned group is considered, “one of the most brilliantly instrumented and vocally adept bands alive and kicking,” by the OC WEEKLY. In the past few years, Gypsy Soul has garnered “Critics Choice” in over 60 publications.

Most recently, on August 30th, 2009, the Just Plain Folks Awards were held at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville , TN. The judges for these indie awards screened over 42,000 albums and 560,000 songs, making these the largest music awards of any kind in world history. Gypsy Soul won the award for Best Cover/Tribute Album with their 2007 release, Beneath The Covers: A Rediscovery.  The album features Roman’s Santa Cruz , OMPWM which is fitted with a K&K Power Mix Pure XT with Dual Channel PRO ST Preamp.

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