Al Giardinelli

Artist of the Month | November 2016


I use K&K pickups on all my instruments: Manouche guitars, resonator guitars, and upright bass. These pickups are reliable, transparent sounding and easy to install. Handmade in the USA by skilled local artisans, what more do you want? Thanks K&K!

Al Giardinelli uses a custom Trinity System in his gypsy guitar, comprised of a Definity System and the Trinity mic. He uses the Bass Max on his upright bass, the Pure Resonator SB pickup in his resonator guitar and Pure Mini Pickups in his flattop guitars. The violinist in his band uses a custom build Violin Trinity system on her violin.

Al Giardinelli’s international and widely varied musical background shows in the great versatility of his music making. He grew up traveling the world with his musician parents, his father a producer/songwriter for European RCA and his mother a classical violinist turned to rock, then blues, and jazz.

Al began his performing career at a young age under the tutelage of his Dad, both in the recording studio and on stage. By the time he was in his early teens he already had a consuming interest in several genres from rock to blues, americana and jazz playing music fulltime and touring with several bands. Although the guitar is his main instrument Al also plays Upright bass, Harmonica, Sitar, Mandolin, banjo and percussion.

Recently Al’s musical interests broadened to the music of Django Rheinhardt which he blends with
Delta Blues and Americana along with his own originals to come up with a unique and highly versatile sound. He currently performs mainly solo along the west coast using a loop pedal and two guitars, a Selmer style Manouche guitar and a resonator made by the Russian luthier, Alexander Polyakov. He is an accomplished songwriter, arranger, and composer producing albums for his fellow musicians along with CDs of his own work.

When Al isn’t on tour he plays at his home base Angelos Italy in Bandon, Oregon.

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