Lukas Bracewell

Artist of the Month | December 2009


Lukas uses the Pure Mini pickup system on all of his acoustic guitars when playing live including his main acoustic, a Martin OM-28V. He also uses the PowerMix Trinity System in his new TLH guitar.

After purchasing my new Martin a few years back, I decided to shop around for a good pickup so I could play it in a live situation. It was very important to me that I didn’t get that stale electric sound that usually comes with undersaddle pickups. I was searching for something that accurately expresses the sound of the acoustic instrument.

If I had to describe the sound of this pickup it would be somewhere between a mic and a UST. It doesn’t carry any of the standard sounds undersaddle pickups are know for, but still has the clarity of one.

One of the other pros of the Pure Mini is that it picks up all of the vibrations of the instrument. If I play percussive parts on my acoustic, the Pure Mini picks them up clearly like a mic would.

The K&K pickup 100% accurately amplifies the sound of an acoustic guitar and will have the same low or high-end response as the guitar it’s mounted on. Because of that, little to no EQ is needed.

If you are searching for a pickup that will make your acoustic guitar sound like an acoustic guitar – this is the one!

With musical influences such as John Mayer, Keith Urban, and Tommy Emmanuel; most of Lukas’ music can be described as “guitar-driven” country/pop. He started playing guitar at the age of eight and was immediately captivated by the instrument. Now at 21, Lukas has released three independent projects. His third album, “Beauty Out Of Nothing,” was released April 3, 2012. The EP was produced by Nashville Grammy nominated songwriter/producer Jeff Pardo.

Lukas spends most of his time writing with other songwriters, producers, and musicians in Nashville. In September of 2012, he competed in the Puckett’s Rising Star Competition in Franklin, TN where he was the judges choice from both preliminary and semi-final rounds…landing him in the top four final songwriter round. Lukas currently has over 125,000 views on YouTube.

Lukas proudly endorses TLH Guitars out of Truckee , CA. Visit their site at for more information on their handmade acoustics equipped with K&K pickups!

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Many of Lukas’ other live performances can be found on his YouTube Channel

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