Timothy Gurshin

Artist of the Month | February 2009


I am a singer/ songwriter based in New Hampshire.

In addition to regularly playing in New England, I have performed several times at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, both solo and with some of the excellent players I have recorded with in Nashville.

My songs blend elements of folk, contemporary acoustic, rock and country. Two of my songs have been featured on Chris Conn’s nationally syndicated radio program.

In my shows, my sets are made up of my original songs, and my intepretations of classic acoustic music. I enjoy the creative challenge of taking well known songs in new directions, often using new rhythms, tunings and melody variations. It really gets the audience’s attention, and that helps focus attention on my own songs.

I have released three CD’s, and you can hear samples of songs from those albums at my web site, www.timothygurshin.com . Please visit the site and leave a comment, send me an e-mail, or sign up for my mailing list.

Gear Information:

My main performance and recording guitar is a Martin D-18 Vintage series equipped with a K&K Pure Western pickup. I run that out to a 2-band parametric DI box so I can shape the tone, convert to low impedance and adjust the phase when necessary.

I love the K&K for its sound and its simplicity. Its output signal is easy to process and manage in live situations to suit your taste, and once you dial it in where you like it, it sounds great every time! I have literally been stopped on stage by club managers and players who have “heard it all” and been asked to explain how I get such a realistic acoustic tone. It works fine for any style, such as flat picking, finger picking and alternate tunings.

I have recorded straight to the console from my DI box and I have been told by many Nashville session players and engineers that it is the best pick-up signal they have heard. Recording with a mic and the pick-up together will provide you with the best of all worlds. without a lot of fuss!

Over the years, I have used many types and brands of pick-ups and related gear, including some very expensive rigs, but I cannot beat the acoustic charm of my K&K equipped guitars. When you perform solo, your guitar sound is a huge part of your show, and I am really enjoying that sound more than ever.

I have literally been stopped on stage by club managers who want to know how I am getting my sound. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

To hear a sample of my live tone with the K&K, please check out the “news” secton of my web site or go straight to You Tube and enter my name–either way will take you to a video of me performing one of my songs with my Pure Western equipped D-18V.

Thank you, K&K!

For more information, check out timothygurshin.com

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