Jerry Gentry

Artist of the Month | February 2010


Jerry uses the K&K split rail vibraphone amplification system for his Musser vibe.

He is doing a jazz vibe clinic at Frederick Community College , Saturday, February 20 , 2010. This is part of a percussion day which will include all facets of percussion and concludes with a master class with Steve Fidyk.

“I started using pick-ups at a time when there were only a  few systems available and fewer options for amplification. When K & K appeared on the scene, there was at last a reliable, performance-oriented pick-up system that made sense. ”

Jerry Gentry plays the acoustic and electric vibraphone, the xylophone, and assorted bar percussion instruments .

He was raised in Bowling Green , Kentucky , and began playing music in the mid-sixties. Amid the local country music and the omnipresent rock on FM radio , the sounds of Motown leapt out: the beat, the harmony, and the vibraphone in the foreground all contributed to his musical orientation. By
fusing the disciplines of classical technique with the realities of popular music; by mixing the influences of pop, rock, and avant-garde improvisation; and by playing the vibraphone over many years in myriad settings: he has created a different dialect in the language of vibes.

The spring of 2009 saw the completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree in music composition from Hood College in Frederick , Maryland ; and the spring of 2010 is looking at a book of new vibe music and more conversation in the mallet language of Jerry Gentry.

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