Sam Breckenridge

Artist of the Month | February 2014


Sam uses the Trinity System:

“I’ve been playing acoustic guitar live on stage since 1999. During that time, it has been a never-ending search to find a pickup system that would allow my guitar to sound naturally acoustic, while providing adequate volume.

I discovered the K&K Trinity System three years ago, and the search is over! Never have I had the ability to step on stage, plug in, and enjoy a rich, acoustic tone that sounds like my guitar. Having that quacky, cheap electric guitar tone on an acoustic is no fun. The Trinity is hands down the best system I’ve ever used, and I will never try another product.

It reproduces my natural sound, and allows the audience to hear every small detail of what I’m doing with the instrument on stage. The low-end response is incredible, while keeping those nice crisp mids and highs.

I often have engineers at sound check tell me I have an amazing sounding guitar. I always tell them the guitar itself is only a small piece of the puzzle. What they’re not used to hearing is such a natural sounding pickup system.

For the first time, I’m finally ENJOYING how I sound on stage. What a difference it makes in the quality of my performances.”

Sam Breckenridge is an accomplished Minneapolis-based finger-style acoustic guitarist and composer. A self-taught musician, Sam quickly established his presence in the Minneapolis music scene in 1999 as the principal songwriter of the acoustic duo “Afterall”, along with singer / lyricist Tim Griesgraber. Sam’s expressive acoustic guitar playing and his natural ability to create striking original compositions allowed Afterall to enjoy over 10 years of regular performances in Minneapolis / St. Paul’s finest venues.

In 2010, a watershed moment occurred in Sam’s musical journey when he discovered guitarists such as Michael Hedges, Andy Mckee, and Erik Mongrain. For many years, Sam had composed his music in alternate, non-standard guitar tunings, much like these artists. However, Sam was immediately drawn to the genre’s lightning fast harmonics, classical right-hand movements, and percussive beats on the body of the guitar, and knew immediately that he had found the style that would define him as a musician.

At that point, Sam decided to dedicate himself to studying the instrument like never before. His playing rapidly translated to fingerstyle composing, which immediately led to a wonderful period of writing and performing. Sam is currently playing solo acoustic shows in the midwest, introducing audiences to the skillful, innovative, and soulful playing of his original music.

Sam has had a feature in the “Minnesota Guitarist” magazine, has had a feature on The Minnesota Guitar Society’s website, has been invited to play at Minnestoa’s Guitar Concert Series at Sundin Music Hall, and has over 12 years of live stage experience as a Twin Cities musician. In September 2013, Sam’s original composition “Much Obliged” was included in City Pages “Top 10 Must See MN Music Videos.” Additionally, two of Sam’s original solo instrumental pieces are featured on Tim Reede Custom Guitar’s Compilation Album to promote his instruments in all of the major North American guitar shows in 2013-2014.

His debut album was released January 11th, 2014:
“The talented Twin Cities acoustic guitarist Sam Breckenridge is in the process of recording his debut solo album. This understated but elegant video for “Much Obliged,” which will be featured on Sam’s upcoming album, showcases the deft guitar work of Breckenridge, who imbues his playing with a lively spirit and style. Breckenridge is a self-taught musician who used to be in the acoustic duo Afterall, and, based on the subtle quality of this clip, his solo effort should certainly attract some well-deserved attention around the area when it is released.” -Erik Thompson, City Pages Magazine
Twitter: @Sammy_B_Music
YouTube: MrSammyBMusic

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