Alexandr Misko

Artist of the Month | February 2018


K&K is the best choice for any modern fingerstyle guitarist. When you play fingerstyle and literally have a small orchestra at your fingertips, you become really demanding in terms of amplification. 

With the Pure Mini and Double Helix pickups we have all those nuances covered and the internal mic adds that vivid and truly acoustic sound on top of it all. 

I really recommend K&K systems to everybody and I’m very happy to be a part of K&K family!

Alexandr Misko is the 19-years-old fingerstyle guitarist from Russia. He is a composer and an arranger. He plays lots of gigs all over the Russia and has many TV appearances there. In 2016 he released his debut album “The Songs Of Adolescence” with the selected original music. 

He has almost 10 million of views overall on his own YouTube channel. Recently his “Billie Jean” cover video had reached more than 33 million of views on Facebook and he has become popular all over the world. He tours worldwide since then, including such countries as Germany and Poland.

Alexandr’s YouTube Channel
Alexandr’s Facebook Page

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