Shaï Sebbag

Artist of the Month | March 2013


On stage, the K&K Trinity System offers the best sound to communicate feeling and tone. I can finally hear the real sound of my guitar on stage! With the external preamp there is no extra hole on my beautiful guitar. Simple to use, strong and reliable!

Shaï uses the K&K Trinity on his beautiful Alizé “Fleur de Lys”, one of the most beautiful guitars by Thomas Fejoz, a french guitar maker.

Shaï Sebbag is a French fingerstyle guitarist composer and player. He’s the French specialist of partial capo and exotic tuning.

Shaï released his first album in 2010: “Kiss and Fly.” 9 compositions and arrangement in his personnal style, with many influences: Irish music, Celtic, flamenco, oriental melodies and new “guitaristic” trends.

Two years after the release of this first album “Kiss and Fly” as well as numerous concerts in France and Ukraine (especially in prestigious festivals in the presence of Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo), Shai Sebbag returns with a brand new opus “1001 Nights”, the result of two years of work writing and reflection.

With nine compositions and two arrangements, this album oscillates between modern and oriental influences, but also reserves some surprises including a vocal duet based on a Ukrainian folk song, and another duo with guitar and concertina.

Thanks to its use of very specific partial capos (which also earned him to be the only non-American invited by the company on a Kyser Best Of alongside Phil Keaggy, Trace Bundy, Michael Manring, …) Shai Sebbag tunings created his own universe, which gives it a unique musical identity, and immediately identifiable from the first notes of his songs.

An album rich, inventive and inspired, a work full of personal reliefs to be missed.

“…One of the best, since a long time” Guitarist Acoustic

“A very fine guitarist, with a style that lets the notes live and touch us,”

“The French expert on partial capo,” Issoudun Guitar Festival


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