Feifei Du

Artist of the Month | March 2016


Feifei uses the Pure Pickup in his Lakewood Guitar:

After trying so many pickups, I finally found the one that’s simple, reliable, and most importantly it sounds like MY guitar through a PA!

Putting a K&K in my guitar is probably the best decision I’ve made so far in choosing equipments! It sounds so natural and clean. You can hear every single detail on the guitar, which I think is the most important thing as a finger-style guitarist.

Feifei Du specializes in Finger-Style Guitar and has been playing/composing since 2007. He is mainly self taught and has been featured internationally. In 2012, Du won 1st place in both Finger-Style China and Guitar China competitions. 2014, he was featured guest at Sunha Jung and Ulli Bobershausen’s world tour concert in Beijing. 2015, He taught a weeklong summer camp with Pierre Bensusan and Billy Mclaughlin. Du composes, records and uploads his own music to his website on a regular basis. Along with being an active local performer, Feifei Du also has 60 student weekly. He is most happy when performing and aspires to play around the world.

“When I was 15, I found out about YouTube and immediately fall in love with a tune called ‘Since We Met’ by Tommy Emmanuel. He inspired me to play guitar, to write my own music that tells my story. I get my inspiration from people, places, and thoughts. I try to record every little melody that pops in my head once a while so I can work on the ideas after. I want my music to be meaningful and inspirational to others.”


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