Bryan Roberts

Artist of the Month | April 2006


Bryan uses the K&K Trinity System:

I use the K&K Trinity System simply because it is the best pickup system. Working in a guitar shop I have heard and tried many different pickups and none compare to the Trinity. The majority of the songs on my album, Pick It Up, were recorded with the help of this system. On the next album they all will be. I beginning to perform and promote my new CD and the K&K Trinity System will be right there with me. It is a dream in live situations.

Born in Charleston, West Virginia, Bryan Roberts has played guitar since the age of 10. Taking structured lessons from the areas top instructors Bryan developed his skills in a wide variety of musical genres. In 1993 he received state honors at the West Virginia Solo and Ensemble Festival for his work in a classical guitar trio, an award deemed to be the highest musical honor attainable as a young musician on the state level. Through his years at Marshal University Bryan played in a variety of bands ranging from Rock to Country. During this time he taught guitar independently and after graduation began teaching at Rt. 60 Music Company in Barboursville, West Virginia.

He is currently one of the most sought-after instructors in the state with over 70 students. Bryan has just released his debut solo fingerstyle guitar album entitled Pick It Up. It is an excellent mix of original composition and tasteful arrangement. His music is accessible to the aspiring guitarist and the songs are enjoyable for anyone. Accompanying the new CD is the book, Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangements which has the songs from the album fully notated and in TAB.

This tune is called “Summer Song,” written and played by fingerstyle artist Bryan Roberts. Bryan used a B -F# -C# -F# -B – F# tuning. PowerMix Trinity in a Taylor 514-CE steel string acoustic guitar. Right-click to download: Summer Song ft. PowerMix Trinity

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