Chris J. Norwood

Artist of the Month | April 2012


Chris uses the Pure Mini in his guitar:

“I did a lot of research when I began looking at pickups for my new acoustic guitar. When I finally found the K&K Pure Mini, I knew that I had found the perfect pickup for me. The Pure Mini did exactly what I wanted a pickup to do, and that is accurately capture the natural tone of my guitar. There is absolutely no loss of sound quality when my guitar is plugged in using the Pure Mini. Just the authentic rich tones of the guitar, with the added benefit of no unnecessary holes drilled in or clunky hardware. Plus installation was a breeze!”

Chris J Norwood is a singer/songwriter living in Dallas, TX. During the day he serves as Studio Manager and a Composer for one of the region’s largest and most prominent commercial music production companies. For Chris’s own music he draws off of influences from America‚Äôs earliest musical traditions like folk, country, blues and jazz, to create a sound that is strangely familiar, yet uniquely his own. Following the release of his debut EP, The Moth & The Flame, Chris J Norwood is gaining a lot of attention from fans and critics alike all around his home state of Texas.

For more information about Chris and his music, please visit his official website at

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