Scott Bravo

Artist of the Month | April 2017


I spend a lot of money on my guitars and I need them to sound as good plugged in as they do raw. That’s why I use ONLY K&K pickups and preamps. All of my guitars have the Pure Pickup inside and go through a K&K preamp before hitting the ears of my crowds. K&K is the purest sound I have ever found in a pickup and the lack of a need for a battery is a huge stress reliever. K&K makes me sound as good as I can, that’s why I use K&K products and that’s why you should as well.


Award winning instrumental guitarist Scott “Danger” Bravo began his musical journey as a rock guitarist in Syracuse, NY in 1995. In 2000, he moved to Minneapolis, MN searching for fame and fortune. After touring the country with various metal bands and finding more inspiration in the videos of Tommy Emmanuel than in the mid-west metal scene, he decided to try his hand at acoustic instrumental guitar. In 2004, he recorded and put out a 4 song ep of his music and after much encouragement from open mic crowds and friends he booked, organized, and carried out his first tour.

Despite beginning his acoustic, instrumental journey during the “tapping” explosion he never adopted the style. He is neither a strict flat picker nor a straight finger picker but instead has developed a style he calls “sloth style”. It involves the pick and one finger and lends itself to a unique melodic and neo jazz/folk style all his own. Playing with a pick allows him to play lightening fast Allan Holdsworth style legato runs and to rip through scales with the accuracy of Zakk Wylde. Retaining use of one finger gives his music a unique “sweeping” sound and a free form feel to his tie signatures.

Scott has played with, and garnered praise from some of the best living finger style guitarists including Ken Bonfield, Vin Downes, Lance Allen, Blake Goodwin, Adrian Bellue and many more. He has toured the country numerous times, released 6 albums and made fans all over the world. Today Scott “Danger” Bravo continues to lend his skill to film makers, studios and performs in countless cities, at various festivals and for thousands of people each year. He currently resides in NYC. Scott Danger Bravo is an endorser of Stonebridge Guitars, Composite Acoustics, Peavey Amplification, John Pearse Strings, K&K Pickups, Sunburst Gear and Advocates XV Apparel. He also uses and endorses Planet Waves capos and cables, Dunlop Picks. 

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