Tripman Project

Artist of the Month | April 2018


For 3 Years now, we’ve used the K&K Trinity Pro Systems on our instruments, one for guitar and a custom one for the Acoustic Bass. It solves every problem we’ve had in the past. The Trinity Pro System is very powerful and it captures every percussion effect we make on our instruments, unlike other mics or dual source systems we tried that sounded very un-natural or distorted.

The Trinity Pro System is really easy and enjoyable to dial-in on stage. Its natural and flawless sound reproduction makes performing and recording perfect every time. We are very proud to use these products! Thank you K&K and keep up the good work.

Tripman Project is a French duo founded in 2008 with Ephaystos on Bass and Kyubi on Guitar. Unable to find a permanent drummer, they decide to take the Acoustic road for replace the drum rhythm with Percussions Technics. After several years of work on different projects and technics, they came to reunite with a brand new project “an Acoustic set with drum without any drummer.” They like called their new genre PERCUSSIVE ACOUSTIC FUSION mixing of acoustic Jazz, Rock, Funk, Blues, Pop and Soul. In 2016 they toured Japan to promote the project Album “Finally” Released in 2017 by Sign-pole Records Japan.

They are a dynamic acoustic duo who believe moving people is the first thing a musician has to do. Culture seekers, technical scientists, finger breakers, they always push down bundaries to delight your ears with their typical groove. They like to think you can do anything with an acoustic intrument. When a all band is replaced by just two instruments it’s called Percussive Acoustic Fusion A.K.A Tripman Project

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