Mark Lavengood

Artist of the Month | April 2019


I had long heard tale about how great K&K pickups, preamps, and microphones were, but I had no clue just how natural sounding they would be. After playing through one of my friend’s guitars with a Quantum Trinity System, I was hooked. I ordered a Pure Mini on the spot for my vintage parlor body Kalamazoo and my A style mandolin. They sounded so great, I’m back for more just in time to upgrade my dreadnought with some of K&K’s finest resources!

A native son to Grand Rapids, Michigan, Lavengood has enjoyed touring the Regional, National, and International music circuits for over 10 years. Wearing a multitude of hats as a multi-instrumentalist, singer & songwriter, band leader, teacher, active member of Michigan’s Earthwork Music Collective, emeritus member of Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys, catalyst for the John Prine tribute band, “Prine Time,” source of motivational energy, hobbyist massage therapist, Spanish translator and idea generator, Lavengood (affectionately known globally as “Huggy Bear”) employs his skill sets to engage with communities through song, voice and collaboration.

Anyone that has witnessed Lavengood perform will attest to these three key attributes: his big heart, wild energy on stage, and the aptitude on the many instruments that he plays. Having released 2 LPs and a 7 inch vinyl under his own name in conjunction with 2 LPs, an EP, and an album on the way with International touring act, Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys, Mark Lavengood is no stranger to the hustle of the music industry. He is currently promoting his recent release, “We’ve Come Along,” while simultaneously working up new material in the studio for an EP (due out in the fall), and touring regionally and nationally.


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