Marcus Volk

Artist of the Month | May 2012


Marcus uses the Pure Mini in his guitar:

“The K&K Pure Mini pickup is hands tied down the best acoustic guitar pickup I have ever heard. The midrange is represented warmly and the price is fantastic!”

Born in 1971 and experimenting with sound since he was 9 years old, Marcus Volk’s musical endeavors have taken him on a colorful ride. His mom’s Elvis records were the first to bend his ear. Fast forward to his late teens and heavy metal became the focus. He became compelled to create the most extreme and complex music possible and the results left him wanting.

A few life events and a few years later he found himself immersed in solo instrumental music, realizing that speed and volume were not necessities to be heavy and intense. Marcus has been focused on minimalist acoustic music since 1997. Some career highlights include the Main Stage at the Oregon Country Fair and The Experience Music Project / Northwest Folklife Festival.

Homegrown is Marcus’ latest self released offering and is actually two albums worth of music. First, it is a rearranged, rewritten and rerecorded version of a record done in 2000 called “Transmissions”. Secondly, it is a collection of 13 more songs written over the past decade. It is primarily centered on the acoustic guitar with occasional accompaniment, some vocals and some other toys. It was done entirely in home in a very modest set up, thus the title “Homegrown”.

Listen to Marcus’ music on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes and CDbaby.

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