Jesse Shiroma

Artist of the Month | May 2015


Jesse uses the K&K Accordion Microphone System:

Accordions are by nature difficult instruments to amplify and I had conducted extensive research on various pickups both internal and external. I wanted something that was removable so I could swap it with different instruments as well as minimal so I would have to deal with as little cables and attachments as possible. Quality was naturally a key factor as well and I found all of this and more in the K&K Accordion Microphone System. The dual-sided gooseneck mics are perfect for easy positioning on both the treble and base side of the accordion and the preamp is a great system to balance levels and run through to my pedalboard.

I bought my first K&K system over 5 years ago and it has never let me down! Its ease of use and quality make it a no-brainer for any accordionist interested in bringing his or her sound to the stage! I’ve even modified my accordion so I can attach them internally and thus cut out any source of feedback that normally occurs with condenser mic systems so it is truly a versatile component that can be used however the musician sees fit!

Jesse Shiroma was born on May 9, 1990 in Honolulu on the island of Oahu and raised in Hilo, Hawaii. Having studied the piano since childhood he quickly fell in love with the rich sound of the accordion while in high school and began an adventure which has taken him across the nation.

After returning to Honolulu in order to pursue a college degree he quickly came to realize the financial constraints while studying full-time. In response to this he created a band with friends and regularly hit the sidewalks of Waikiki where they would perform for change to help afford groceries and pay rent.

What initially began as nothing more than a group of college students performing on the streets for a few dollars has grown into the professional alternative-folk-pop band “Streetlight Cadence” that has produced 2 albums, toured both the East and West Coast of America, and won a number of awards in the music community while regularly developing an international fan-base. By combining the unique ensemble of accordion, violin, cello, and guitar; Streetlight Cadence has redefined the concept of acoustic music and pushed the boundaries of traditional thought concerning “classical” instruments. With thousands of fans across the world the quartet intends to push forward with the daily composition of new songs, shows, and tours. Their diligence has led to a bounty of success as they won the 1st Annual Bacardi Oakheart Battle of the Bands in 2013, 1st in the 2014 Mai Tai Rumble, and placed 13th in the world out of thousands of competitors in the 2013 Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands.

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