Alban Guyonnet

Artist of the Month | May 2020


I have been using the K&K system on my vibraphone for many years. I discovered it thanks to a vibraphonist friend and I was amazed at what I heard! The quality of K&K pickups is the best I have heard on the market. They faithfully reproduce the sound without distorting it. This system is very easy to use. It also offers me the possibility of connecting effects pedals and working on the texture of my sound, which is very exciting! For my part, I add analog pedals that I plug into my old Fender Twin tube amp (from 1976!). The sound is great! I use the Split-Rail Vibraphone System, which allows me to move only with my blades and rails when I go on tour and no external microphones, since the system really does the job. The sound engineers are delighted! Thank you again to the whole team and their work which allows us to continue to develop our imagination!

Alban Guyonnet is an all terrain percussionist! Attracted by Mandingo percussion, he made regular trips to Senegal, Guinea and Mali at a very young age, where he perfected his skills in learning djembe, dununs and balafon. At the same time, his musical curiosity led him to continue his training at the conservatory in Brive (France) where he discovered all forms of aesthetics: from classical, to jazz, to contemporary music … which naturally led him to cultural mixing!

Alban is passionate about the crossroads of the arts, movement (especially with the relation to dance), improvisation, allowing him to feed various artistic projects as a percussionist, soloist, arranger or artistic director in particular within groups Kakoulima (traditional percussion ensemble), Acrylic Painting Orchestra (music-live painting) and Mental Medication (progressive music).

Alban is a percussionist in the trio Żądza (progressive music), of the project « Żądza In Pictures » (music and video mapping), regularly musician of assignment for various artistic projects, he is currently in the creation of « Ternarius Causa » with his friend and accomplice François Kokelaere. Artist but also art dealer, his passion leads him to be for twenty years, teacher of Mandingo percussion and classical percussion at the Brive and Tulle conservatories.

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