DeVeaux Gauger

Artist of the Month | May 2021


What I like about the Pure Pickups is the natural sound, responsiveness, warmth, balance and simplicity. I use the passive Pure Pickup on all my instruments, and never am concerned with batteries. It’s pretty much K&K straight to the PA. I only use a touch of compression, a dash of EQ and a bit of reverb and it sounds incredible! No digital effects to “enhance” the sound, none needed. Plug it in and good to go. That’s it. So all I need to do is focus on the playing.

I use the Pure Mini in both my Guild six string guitars and they sound fantastic! This was the missing piece of my live sound puzzle for so long. The biggest test would be for my Yairi 12 string guitar. 12′s are extremely challenging for pickups to work well on, and neither play nor respond like a six. No surprise, the Pure 12-String was up to the task and I can finally use my 12 in live performances with wonderful natural tone. K&K is the perfect blend of outstanding design and engineering by people passionate about getting high quality authentic sound from acoustic instruments.

K&K has been a huge overall improvement to my sound and brings out my instruments’ full potential. I always get compliments on my live sound and recordings. Can’t thank K&K enough!

DeVeaux splits his creative pursuits between music & visual composition & production, written composition and photography.

He enjoys the creative process of building an idea into a living breathing entity. He doesn’t have a single passion, however, he brings his passion and art to everything I do.

He gives thanks every day for health, family, friends and generally a really good life. He trie to bring his art and creativity to work, making positive connections and serving others.

DeVeaux performs solo acoustic as well with Kathi Dvorin in the acoustic duo Daring Detour in and around Ann Arbor, MI. He also records and produces instrumentals and video soundtracks.

Music, video and other creative links on his website:

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