Marcel Mokbel

Artist of the Month | June 2015


When I bought the K&K Trinity System I had really high expectations. I heard Antoine Dufour and Andy McKee using it in concert and was amazed by the sound. Truth is, the system is all I expected it to be. It is incredible! I love playing live even more now!

I´m a New Age Percussive Fingerstyle Guitarist. I started playing the guitar back in 2005. Two years ago I came into fingerstyle music. After learning a few songs by guitarists like Andrew White, Andy Mckee, Don Ross and Antoine Dufour I started writing my own songs. At this point I got to know the guitarist Dianji Estévez Caraballo. He now is one of my best guitarist-friends and one of my biggest influences!

You can find videos of my songs on
My Debut-Album “Close Your Eyes” will be finished soon.

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