Aaron Edward

Artist of the Month | June 2016


“I believe the K&K Trinity Pro System is the absolute best pickup system on the market. I haven’t found any other pickup system that can accurately capture the natural tone of my acoustic guitars as well as K&K.

Whether I’m plugged straight into a PA, playing through a preamp, or even boosting the trandsucers, my guitar sounds 99% as natural as it would if I were playing through a good condenser microphone or unplugged. I can use two-handed tapping techniques, slap harmonics, percussion on the body of my guitar, strum, pick with my fingers, and this system picks it all up beautifully. With my preamp, I can also easily tame feedback on any stage.

As somewhat of a tone purist, I am very critical about my tone and my K&K systems have never disappointed me.”

Aaron Edward is a Guitarist and Songwriter from Tulsa, Oklahoma who composes transcendent, instrumental music that transforms soulful melodies, harmonies, and rhythms into vivid, emotion-charged imagery. As a gifted fingerstyle player, his fine-tuned technique enables him to make one guitar sound like an orchestra. His artistry dazzles in mesmerizing recordings and performances, which establish him as an engaging storyteller, able to channel both grit and heart through each note. His debut full-length album, Akasha, offers up a series of reflections on his personal journey. The twelve-track album tells a story that captures a range of emotions inspired by his insatiable curiosity about the world and his life-changing experiences as he tackles themes of pain and hope, ignorance and knowledge, life and death, and transformation.

Aaron grew up surrounded by music and learned to love many styles and textures. After taking piano lessons as a young child, he felt drawn to the electric and acoustic guitar. His mother filled his home with a steady stream of acoustic folk and new age albums from the Windham Hill record label. When he commandeered her guitar, he discovered the joy of strumming and his natural sense of rhythm as he began to experiment with melody and chords. He got his first guitar at age thirteen and collaborated with other musicians and songwriters in rock bands throughout his teens until, captivated by the work of instrumental fingerstyle masters including Michael Hedges, Phil Keaggy, Andy Mckee and Antoine Dufour, he decided to commit to forging his own path and go the solo route as his songwriting and fingerstyle techniques flourished.

Now fresh off the release of his first solo album, Aaron’s unfaltering work ethic and dedication to evolving his musical craft moves him to continue dreaming up new material and pushing the boundaries of the guitar. Aaron is proud to say he is a collaborating artist with the prestigious FretMonkey Records and proudly plays Stonebridge Guitars. He is currently filming a series of studio and cinematic music videos in support of his album and writing songs for his second album. Akasha is available now.


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