Gerald Roberts

Artist of the Month | July 2011


“I have just changed the pick-up in my guitar. I now have a K&K Pure Classic with Pre-Phase internal preamp. This is an amazing pick-up with a beautiful sound. The thing that really impresses me is the detail in sound I am getting. Instead of just the fundamental note, I am now getting all the overtones I usually hear only when playing un-amplified – but now they are coming out through the amplifier. Amazing! The dynamic range is amazing, so I can play loud or soft, and this comes out through the amplifier, as does the change in overtones that this produces that I have only heard un-amplified prior to now. I have much less trouble with feedback. Basically, it is brilliant. The customer service you get from Dieter at K&K is also amazing – email him and he answers with full enthusiasm and warmth. The K&K Pure Classic has changed the way I play for the better and that is the best recommendation I can think of.”

Gerald Roberts lives near London, UK, and plays a mix of original compositions and jazz standards. He has been playing acoustic guitar for 30 years. His CD on iTunes called “Musician for a Friend” has all original compositions inspired by the great nylon-string jazz guitar players such as John McLaughlin, Antonio Forcione, Sylvain Luc, Ralph Towner and others.

Since hearing “My Goals Beyond” and “Belo Horizonte” by John McLaughlin in my teens, I have loved the acoustic guitar and jazz. In particular I love the sound of nylon strings; the percussive sound, the deep bass and soft treble. When my sister took me to see the great Antonio Forcione play a nylon string in my late teens, that was it – all out obsession with nylon string acoustic jazz guitar. I particularly like the way the nylon string can be used outside of classical music to produce a “world music” sound in jazz. When you listen to Antonio and Ralph on nylon-string you get that emotional sound from Mediterranean and classical music mixed with jazz. Then, John and Sylvain add the amazing freedom of improvisation of modern jazz to that sound. My music tries to capture some of that; just give me another 40 years…

You can learn more about Gerald and listen to MP3 tracks of his music at

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