Eric Lugosch

Artist of the Month | July 2013


Eric uses the Pure Mini and Pure Preamp:

I was introduced to the K&K and the Pure Mini pickup seven years ago. Since its installation my guitar has had two fret jobs, neck set, cracks fixed and been around the globe about 100 times. The only thing that hasn’t been worked on in that time is my K&K Western Mini Pickup!

Besides being the most reliable piece of equipment I’ve ever used, its fidelity surpasses any pickup system I’ve heard before. It’s a rare thing that a guitarist can feel totally comfortable with the pickup sound without the support of a microphone. My K&K Western Mini captures the high, mid and low end nuances of my guitar with just a small external pre-amp, and it’s passive, no battery to worry about or added weight to my guitar. It’s a fantastic pickup and I have them on all three of my instruments. Thanks K&K for producing such a high quality, reliable and carefree acoustic guitar pickup.

National Fingerpicking Champion Eric Lugosch presents a truly original and inspirational show. There are no gimmicks or gadgets –just a genuinely gifted imagination and a fluency that comes from years of working on his craft. Eric’s arrangements of traditional songs and jazz standards are now considered classics in picking circles, where he is also regarded as one of America’s best original fingerstyle composers, as well as a talented songwriter.

Eric has been at the renowned Old Town School Of Folk Music for over twenty years where he is an esteemed educator of both beginner and advanced guitarists. Those who have participated in Eric’s classes and workshops in the United States and abroad know they have been a part of something special and truly memorable.

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