Martin Yubro

Artist of the Month | July 2015


When I heard the Trinity Classic System installed in my guitar for the first time I said “GOAL”! The pickup sounds clear and warm and the microphone gives you depth and truly acoustic sound. Plus you can equalize and mix it with the Trinity Preamp. I love this system on stage and in the studio!

Martin Yubro was born in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 16, 1979. He began to play guitar at age twelve influenced by his grandfather and cousins. First came the electric guitar, rock and heavy metal with his speed solos and irregular rhythmics, Megadeth, Pantera, King Crimson, Steve Vai, Dream Theater … were some of his favorite artists which transcribed his songs. At age 14 he was playing live with the first of many groups to come.

Since that time Martin carried his music to stages around the world; in Argentina in the province of Cordoba in Cosquin, Bariloche, Neuquen, El Bolson and Rosario festival; in USA in San Francisco and Los Angeles, in Europe in Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.

Along the way, he became interested in Jazz, Blues, Funk, Tango, Argentine Folklore, Bossa Nova, nylon-string guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, effects pedals, music for movies, etc. He has studied with experts in each genre and has collaborated with numerous artists from the local scene.

All this makes the versatility and very own original voice be one of its great virtues. He is currently presenting his first solo album called “amigo àrbol”. This LP includes instrumental Yubro ́s compositions, approached from Argentine folk rhythms but fused with elements of classical music, world music and electronic effects.
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