Sean de Burca

Artist of the Month | July 2020


Having the Trinity Pro Mini System fitted inside my guitar has opened up an entire new world of sounds, opportunities for new percussive techniques and the cleanest, most defined tone I have ever had.

The Trinity System is so responsive that I can now punch out any percussive sounds from any part of the guitar, whilst tapping notes on the fretboard and have every sound picked up perfectly. Before the pickup was installed I was always stuck in front of a microphone on stage, which always got in the way and limited just how expressive I could be! With the Trinity System I know I can now get on any stage and my guitar will sound fantastic.

The Trinity System is at the centre of my recording process. It created one of the best acoustic sounds I have heard on CD; the bass notes sound huge and the melody is crystal clear, its hard to believe when listening back to it that it all came out of one guitar.

Thank you K&K, I couldn’t be happier!

By 2014, having played the guitar for just 7 years, Sean was named as one of the top 30 acoustic guitarists under the age of 30 worldwide by Acoustic Guitar Magazine (USA), as well as being featured as Acoustic Magazine’s (UK) ‘Next Big Thing’.

“From harmonics to percussive slapping to agile fretboard dancing, this southpaw knows a thing or two about getting the most sound possible out of his guitar. On his releases on Bandcamp, the self-taught guitarist shows he isn’t afraid of taking risks.” – Acoustic Guitar Magazine 2014

Sean has performed in Canada, America and across the UK, this includes performances supporting Antoine Dufour at the Vancouver Planetarium and Ken Bonfield’s Artistry of the Guitar showcase in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Sean’s technical playing has earned him performances at UK Tech-Metal Festival for 3 consecutive years, sharing the bill with the likes of Jon Gomm, Animals As Leaders, Monuments and more, plus hosting masterclasses.

Sean’s debut double album, Shapeshifter, is out now!

Shapeshifter brings a vast soundscape, ranging from Folk to Rock, Metal to EDM. This album consists of 9 original compositions: disc 1 features the solo fingerstyle tracks performed on both 6 & 7 string acoustic guitars; disc 2 features the same tracks accompanied by electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and various other instrumentation. All instruments performed by Sean de Burca.

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