Alexandra Mann

Artist of the Month | August 2012


Alexandra uses the Pure Mini in her guitar:

“What I look for in a pickup is its ability to portray the genuine sound of my guitar along with the nuances of my playing. I chose the K&K Pure Mini because it does just that. It really allows the true warmth and body of my guitar’s natural sound to radiate and it is the most transparent pick up I have used.”

Alexandra Mann, singer-songwriter-musician is the guitar player for the – The Mann Sisters – duet with her twin sister Lauren Mann. Alexandra and Lauren are know for creating music that is timeless and mature beyond their age.

Alexandra, born and raised in Miami, Florida has been playing guitar since she was 11 and is influenced by the great finger picking players and styles from classic rock and country music. Her playing ability has landed her, and her sister, in many music festivals including Miami’s Calle Ocho, the “Largest Latino Music Festival” in the United States with over 1 million people on the street in one day. Alexandra, and Lauren, have also been featured on numerous rock, country and folk radio programs with acclaimed performances. These performance lead one newspaper to state “Country-Rock has Mann Power.” (Sun-Sentinel)

The Mann Sisters – self title EP includes four songs, Breath Slow, Steal Away, Beautiful Child and With You, in which Alexandra composed and played all guitar parts to include; electric, steal string acoustic and slide, lap steel and Nashville tuned.

Currently splitting time between Nashville and Miami, Alexandra is writing songs and composing music and finds her recently installed K&K Pure Mini really delivers the natural sound and tone of her guitar.

The future is looking bright for Alexandra and Lauren – The Mann Sisters – to find out more please follow them on ….

Listen to “Without You” by Alexandra Mann

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