Calum Graham & Don Ross

Artist of the Month | August 2013


Calum Graham and Don Ross recently collaborated on the album “12:34,” featuring the Quantum Trinity Mini System:

There’s never enough that can be said about the great natural acoustic tone of the Quantum Trinity Mini System. Calum and I have both been using it for years now and we love it. There isn’t a show that goes by where we don’t have several people ask how we get such a great natural tone plugged into a PA. It just doesn’t seem possible!

We are both extremely happy with the sound that we got on our latest duet CD, “12:34″ where K&K pickups were an integral part of contributing to the great sound we received on the record. Thanks to K&K, it will be easier than ever for Calum & I to replicate the amazing sound we got in the studio when we play live on our upcoming tour in late 2013/early-mid 2014. Thanks K&K!!

Calum Graham can play the guitar like only few can on the planet. That’s not an overstatement. It goes without saying that success and fame is imminent for this bright eyed, blond haired 21 year old Alberta native, as the newfangled sound that he has made his own is at the forefront of a new generation in music and is certain to gain interest from across the world.

Born in British Columbia, and raised in the small town of High River, AB, Calum Graham started playing the guitar at the age of 13. He attributes growing up in a talented family and always being surrounded by different forms of musical and artistic expression, in further influencing the development of his unique style of music. But Graham’s first foray into his own individual musical expression was not a result of his classically trained guitar work, it was teaching himself how to play finger-style guitar; a decision which he never looked back from.

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Don Ross began playing guitar virtually by accident. There was always a lot of music around the house. Don’s dad is an operatically-trained singer. So, the Ross kids heard plenty of voice exercises around their Montreal home as well as classical music on the record player growing up (not to mention the occasional blast of the bagpipes when Don’s dad felt like waking up the neighbours with another musical skill he acquired growing up in Scotland!). Don was a very musical child, teaching himself some basic piano skills in his early years. But at the age of eight, when Don’s sister came home from boarding school with an old Stella acoustic guitar, he knew he had met his new best friend. Immediately recognizing the portability and “cool factor” of the guitar, Don and his older brother began teaching themselves tunes by the Beatles, Cream, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

By the age of ten, Don was playing less with a pick and more with his fingers. He was fascinated by the possibility of playing several lines at once: melody, middle voices, bass line. To achieve some of the musical ideas he had in mind, he started retuning the guitar to suit them, inventing new tunings that made things easier at first. But he also realized that he could expand the range of the instrument to make the low strings lower and the high strings higher. The possibilities seemed almost endless.

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