Tyler Stafford

Artist of the Month | August 2015


The K&K Pure Mini is unmatched as the most dynamic and responsive pickup I have ever used. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been approached after a show with compliments about how my guitar sounds. K&K makes a great pickup, its deliberate design and straight forward application has been proven to me in 6 years of use without failure and absolutely no maintenance. I perform with confidence knowing that I can plug and play with no worry about battery life or electronic parts failures.

Named “Reno’s Best Songwriter” in 2013 Tyler Stafford quickly became a staple in the Northern Nevada music scene and has since been working to earn his place in the music world. With his soulful voice, clean; expressive guitar playing and an undeniable way with melody and words, the songwriter has an uncanny ability to make you feel the power of connection and intimacy in his dynamic live performances no matter what the venue.

World travel and cultural exposure have had an immeasurable influence on the subject matter addressed in his songwriting. “The music I write is highly reflective of the Human Experience in that it evokes emotion and projects my perceptions and perspectives in a very real way.”

Look for a new Album Release later this year and keep an eye out for this artist that will undoubtedly be turning some heads in the near future.

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