Jim Pelz

Artist of the Month | August 2018


I spent the better part of a decade using a well-known, 
well-respected company’s pickup on my Martin D-28. However, I had a
 difficult time dialing in the sound I wanted on stage – it tended to 
be quacky and harsh, not the sound of a Martin at all. Taking the 
recommendation of a friend, I made the switch to the K&K Pure Mini — immediately, my sound  was back! Warm, like a D-28 is supposed to be, 
and clear and present in the mix. What a revelation! I got my sound
back – thank you K&K, I’m sorry it took so long, but better late than

Cincinnati-based musician Jim Pelz has been performing since the
 mid-80s, staying active in a variety of styles that encompass jazz,
 bluegrass, reggae, big band, country, rock, and more. In 2008, he
 co-founded Hickory Robot, which quickly became (and continues to be) 
one of the Midwest’s pre-eminent acoustic newgrass ensembles. He 
released his first solo recording, “Loser Angels”, in 2015 to great 
critical acclaim, and is currenly working on the follow-up, “Another 
New Morning.”

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Christmas in the Canyon, by Jim Pelz

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