Quintin Gerard W.

Artist of the Month | August 2020


“In regards to the K&K flute and sax mic, I have been using this mic system for over 10 years now. I love the simple design and ease of use for those “intimate” gigs where you don’t have to bring a full rig. The ability to switch from sax to flute in an instant is paramount when you’re on stage and the mic gets you back and forth right away. Listen, it just works man!”

When Scott O’Brien from smoothjazz.com dubbed Quintin Gerard W. a “Smooth Jazz Star,” he got the “Star” part right, but “Smooth” is only one part of the equation for this romantic and highly rhythmic player who rightly brands himself “The FnkySax Player.” In defining what he does, the versatile composer and performer mentions elements of funk, R&B, gospel, blues and jazz, and all these textures are wonderfully and amply represented on his latest album, Cleared For Takeoff.

“It’s the rare Contemporary Urban Jazz album that touches the human spirit as easily as it tickles the ears and makes us groove. Even the best full-length recordings in the genre are generally random gatherings of great tunes featuring soulful rhythms and melodies that stick long enough to merit lots of radio airplay. Quintin Gerard W. has proven in the past that he’s a multi-talented musician (saxes, flute, keys, drums) and producer who has those surefire hooks and magical sonic textures mastered. Now with Cleared for Takeoff, he’s establishing himself as a visionary and a musical poet who combines his great passions for music and flying in a way that helps us imagine him soaring (in the studio and above the clouds), and inspires us to dig deeper into our souls to find out just where our own lives need to take flight. His horn leads and textures are intense and empowering, his sense of sensuality and old school sensibilities is stellar, and his unique choices of tempos, atmospheres, and harmony is impeccable. Cleared For Takeoff is that rare genre masterpiece that makes us want to take off for destinations unknown – and hear more often from its creator!” – Jonathan Widran


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