Jeremy Arndt

Artist of the Month | February 2013

I couldn’t believe how well the K&K Twin Spot and Dual Channel Pro Preamp captured the sound and vibrations of the handpan. I am performing solely with the pickups! The K&K system transmits the sound with the same clarity as an acoustic performance, and achieves a great balance of the tonal characteristics of the handpan.

The handpan is a quiet instrument, very subtle, but so beautiful and it captures the hearts of listeners. This background noise when playing gigs used to get picked up by the microphones, I would amplify everything... people chatting, my music, etc. The K&K pickups allow all that to be cut right out. The sound coming out of the speaker is so clear now. I love it! I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to use your gear.

Jeremy Arndt is a world-traveling musician from the USA. For the last 4 years, he has traveled the world studying different musical traditions and sharing his own music. He has played in a wide variety of venues across the USA and Australia, as well as exotic locations like Morocco, Mali, Spain, and more. He crafts his gentle blend of world-music, inspired by his journeys, with the magical Handpan. This rare instrument creates an ambiance that must be experienced.

The handpan family of instruments has its roots in the elusive PANart Hang, which was created in Switzerland in 2001. The Hang birthed a whole new family of instruments, inspired by the beautiful sound sculpture. Jeremy’s instrument of choice is the Pantheon Halo.

Due to the nature of the instrument, the handpan is difficult to amplify. It is often said that it lends itself best to an acoustic experience. However, Jeremy, recognizing the need for something to suit a wide array of performance venues, came upon K&K sound after many attempts at capturing the magical sound the handpan is so known for. Jeremy tried a wide variety of microphones before stumbling on K&K by chance, a long way from home, while touring in Byron Bay, Australia. Jeremy needed something portable and versatile, that still captured his sound.

A demonstration of Jeremy playing the handpan with a Twin Spot. Right-click to download: Hand pan and Twin Spot by Jeremy Arndt

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