UltraPure System

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About the UltraPure System

The UltraPure System is an active (pickup + preamp) system for acoustic guitar. It consists of our award-winning Pure Pickup, an onboard preamp with soundhole access, an endpin jack, and a Velcro mounted 9-volt battery holder.

The UltraPure Preamp offers precise 3-band EQ, as well as a gain control to finetune bass, mid, treble and gain.

Installation Notes

Installing the preamp requires no destructive alteration to your instrument. The preamp is mounted inside the guitar at the edge of the soundhole, using a super-strong neodymium magnet, giving you convenient access to the volume slider during performance. Just slide the unit out a bit along the magnet and adjust the EQ and gain trimpots with a miniature screw driver. This needs to be done only once to perfectly balance your guitar in respect to the amplification system you are using. The magnets are attched to the inside of the guitar with Velcro.

UltraPure System, Mini & 12-String $250

UltraPure System, Classic $282

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