Dieter's Audio Bites

Dieter (K&K's president, co-founder, and chief engineer) has put together a series of audio bites to answer some common customer questions.

  • Balalaika: This podcast talks about the use of a Twin Spot, its options and installation techniques. Right-click to download: Balalaika Podcast

  • Banjo: Here I talk about the Banjo Twin system and its mounting technique on open and closed back banjos. Right-click to download: Banjo Podcast

  • Bouzouki: This podcast talks about the use of a Big Twin pickup system, its positioning options and installation techniques. Right-click to download: Bouzouki Podcast

  • Cello: Here I talk about the Big Twin mounted in a way that's specially suited for the cello. Right-click to download: Cello Podcast

  • Difference in volume in two guitars with Pure pickups: This podcast explains why the Pure pickups may produce different output volume in different guitar models. Right-click to download: Pure Volume Differences Podcast

  • Do I need a preamp? This is the big question that many players have. Here is a rundown that hopefully shines some light on the subject of preamps. Right-click to download: Preamp Podcast

  • Dulcimers: Also includes Kotos and all sizes of Dulcimer-like instruments. This podcast talks about the intricacies of installation, sweet spots, and the pickup options you have depending on the size of your dulcimer. Right-click to download: Dulcimer Podcast

  • Floating bridge versus pin bridge: Explains the difference of the two types with respect to the use of a pickup. In other words, why a Pure Mini is not the ideal choice for a floating bridge guitar instrument even though it is great for a flattop guitar. Right-click to download: Floating vs. Pin Bridge Podcast

  • Guitarra Portuguesa: Talks about the Big Twin and the Twin Spot. This podcast explains the pros and cons of different installation options. Right-click to download: Guitarra Portuguesa Podcast

  • Hand played, drums bongos, congas etc.: This podcast talks about pickup options and installation techniques as well as EQ-ing and mixing suggestions. Right-click to download: Drums Podcast

  • Harp: Here I talk about amplification of concert harps and Celtic harps -- all styles and sizes. I also cover some custom system options that we can do by special order. Right-click to download: Harp Podcast

  • Harp Guitar: This podcast talks about the intricacies of amplifying harp guitars in general. It explains how to choose the right system for your harp guitar and the options you have. Right-click to download: Harp Guitar Podcast

  • I have feedback problems, phase issues etc.: This podcast describes why acoustic instruments may experience feedback and how to avoid it. I also talk about phase issues and what characteristics you can expect from the Pure pickups. Right-click to download: Feedback and Phase Issues Podcast

  • Mandolin: Here we talk about the two Mandolin Twin models, the Internal and the Fusion. We also cover options in case neither of the designated systems would be feasible for your instrument. Right-click to download: Mandolin Podcast

  • Oud: This podcast talks about the Twin Spot classic as a simple and well functioning retrofit system and also covers an internal mounted pickup option that requires more advanced installation work. Right-click to download: Oud Podcast

  • Piano: Here I talk about the installation of the Pure Piano system in both grand and upright pianos, and its sonic fine tuning procedure in order to get the best tone an key balance. Right-click to download: Piano Podcast

  • Piezo pickups/microphones: How do piezos work? Here I try to provide, in layman’s terms, how a piezo pickup works and the major difference between microphones and pickups. Right-click to download: Piezo Podcast

  • Pure sounds bassy or midrangy: A couple of troubleshooting podcasts, explaining why the Pure has too much bass or midrange in some situations. Right-click to download:
    Pure output has too much bass
    Pure output has too much midrange

  • Pure XLR preamp distorts: This troubleshooting podcast explains how to properly adjust this preamp, when to use the XLR and when to use the ¼” output. Right-click to download: Pure XLR Troubleshooting Podcast

  • Resonator guitars: Here I talk about the Pure Resonator pickups (Biscuit Bridge and Spider Bridge models) and what to expect from them. Also covered are some custom upgrades that are available through the K&K custom shop. Right-click to download: Resonator Guitar Podcast

  • Sitar: This podcast covers the intricacies we learned about picking up a Sitar with the Big Twin system. Right-click to download: Sitar Podcast

  • Sweet spot: How do I locate the sweet spot on my instrument? Here I try to explain what is meant by “sweet spot” and the procedure I recommend for finding the sweet spot position for a transducer. Right-click to download: Sweet Spot Podcast

  • Undersaddle vs. Pure: This podcast tries to describes the tonal difference you get from an undersaddle pickup system versus a bridge plate system like the Pure Mini. Right-click to download: Undersaddle vs. Pure Podcast

  • Which amp do you recommend? There are so many amp manufacturers and models available that I can only scratch the surface of this topic. Hopefully you'll get some ideas on what to look for. Right-click to download: Amp Podcast

  • Why use a designated pickup, not just Big Twin or Twin Spot? We get this question more often that you would think, here is our take on this subject. Right-click to download: Designated Pickup Podcast

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