Using Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

Left: Big double-sided adhesive (for large transducer heads, i.e. Big Shot, Big Twin)
Right: Small double-sided adhesive (for small transducer heads, i.e. Hot Spot, Twin Spot)

For two-head transducers (i.e. Big Twin, Twin Spot) double-sided adhesive film will be on both sides of the white tape. Do not discard it after attaching the first pickup.

1. Cut off a square piece about the size of the transducer head.

2. Remove the brown backing from the white wax paper. (If brown tape is attached to both sides, only remove one side.)

3. The double-sided adhesive film is now ready to be applied to the pickup head.

4. Check that the metal surface of the transducer head is clean.

5. Position the metal surface of the transducer head onto the sticky side of the brown tape.

6. Press firmly to transfer the adhesive onto the pickup.

7. Carefully cut the excess tape away from the transducer head.

8. The pickup is now ready to be attached to your instrument.

9. Peel off brown tape, making sure that the adhesive sticks to the pickup head and is not peeled off with the paper.

10. Stick transducer to target area on your instrument.

11. Press on with finger, making sure that the whole pickup head is firmly attached to the instrument.

12. Secure the pickup cable with a piece of scotch tape to ensure clean sound transmission.


Removing a Pickup Attached with Double-Sided Adhesive

1. Remove any tape that is securing the cable. NEVER pull the cable!

2. Carefully wedge a flat blade (such as a razor blade, thin knife, etc.) between the pickup and the instrument. Again, do not pull the pickup away by its cable.

3. Pass the blade under the entire pickup head, keeping it flat against the instrument.

4. Remove the pickup. It will have some adhesive residue.

5. Rub off adhesive with finger. It should come off easily and leave the pickup head, and your instrument, relatively free of any sticky residue or scratches.