Cardboard Jig Installation for Pure Pickups

Please see instructions for using the plastic jig here

Before you actually work with the pickup, you should practice with the jig without a pickup. This ensures that you are comfortable with the jig technique so that the pickups are positioned perfectly. It may be possible that your guitar has a tighter bracing on the high e string side and the jig may have to be trimmed down a little bit.

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If your pickup includes a plastic jig, please see our new jig instructions.

1. Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard out of the sales-box your pickup came in. It has a white and a brown side. Size: 1" x 1.25" (2,5cm x 3,5cm). Mark center to center distance of 2 pinholes on the white side.

2. Use a large nail (or similar pointed object) to punch 2 holes about 3/8" (10mm) from the front edge of the jig.

3. Widen the holes with the wooden golf tee.

4. Stick the white pin though the hole, as shown on the photo (brown side down, make sure the pin is straight). Use some superglue (supplied with the Pure pickup) to glue the white pin into the cardboard, let dry for a minute and wipe off excess glue.

5. The finished jig should look like this.

6. Place the jig on top of the bridge, insert the dull end of the white pin into the high e string pinhole and press the golf tee into the b string hole. Remove it several times in order to widen the hole in the jig a bit. The golf tee should slide into the jig hole easily.
Note: Now practice step 11-16 without a pickup or putty to learn to handle the jig!

7. Cut off 1/3rd of the gray putty strip.

8. Form a putty-ball and place it on the jig over the saddle between the high e and b string.

9. Get the Pure pickup and place the jack into the soundhole. Press one transducer with the golden side up on the putty as shown in the photo. Make sure the pickup is placed precisely over the saddle.

10. Make sure the pickup sits absolutely flat and level on the jig.

11. This is a very important step! Remove the golf tee and hold the jig as shown (between thumb and forefinger on the white pin). The tip of the white pin must be flush with the fingertips. I use my left hand although I'm right-handed but you may feel more comfortable using your right hand for this.

12. Once you feel confident, make sure that the putty securely holds the pickup and apply a generous amount of superglue. Spread it over the entire golden surface of the transducer. Be careful not to touch the pickup and superglue after this step.
Make sure you've practiced the whole procedure before supergluing the pickup!

13. Place the hand that is holding the jig into the guitar and try to bring your fingertips near the high e string hole. Your goal is to stick the white pin through the high e string hole from the inside. HERE IS THE TRICK: Use the golf tee as a guide by inserting it into the high e string pin hole. This way you will be able to feel it on the inside and find the high e string hole fairly easy.

14. Remove the golf tee and carefully push the wooden white pin a little bit up from inside (not all the way yet!).

15. Align the jig to the desired square position by feeling its edges (make sure not to touch the pickup as there will be superglue). Insert the golf tee into the b string hole and push it through the corresponding hole in the jig. Make sure to feel if you indeed hit the hole.

16. Push the jig up until it is flush against the bridgeplate and apply some pressure to the pickup. (With the final installation you should slowly count to 30 to allow for the glue to set.) This photo shows the jig inside the guitar (yes - we cut a hole in the bottom of the guitar). Remove the jig by pulling out the golf tee and carefully pulling the cardboard off the pickup. The putty will most likely stick to the cardboard.

17. This picture shows the pickup perfectly placed. You may use a rag or tissue to wipe off any superglue that oozed out around the pickup. Be extremely careful not to get the rag in contact with the guitar's finish! Use a new piece of putty for each pickup.

18. To finish, simply repeat this procedure with the remaining pickups, one between g and d string and the other between the low e and a string. Make sure all pickups are located precisely UNDER THE SADDLE!