My guitar sounds boomy and/or feeds back easily

It is quite difficult (but not impossible) to use the Pure pickup in loud band situations--especially on small stages. It is designed more for the acoustic musician and the best possible natural tone. A soundhole cover is the first remedy here and helps a lot. Bands like Tom Petty Band use the pickup successfully, but they play on huge stages. Our PowerMix Pure System would actually be the best choice for high volume situations.

In addition to this there is most likely an impedance match issue going on as well. Acoustic amps and most competitors' preamps are designed to work best with undersaddle pickups or other very high ohmic piezo pickups. They feature extremely high input impedance (5-10 meg), which boosts the bass response. Most competitors' pickups need this high input impedance to boost the bass response of their pickups, because most of them sound tinny in passive mode.

The Pure has a healthy bass response to begin with. It is overkill to boost it with extremely high input impedance. The Pure pickup sounds best with lower input impedance like 500 k to 1 meg, even just in a line input of a mixing board. One should try it on a PA and plug the Pure straight into the line input of the mixer, just to see that the excessive bass response is gone right away.

The best option to compensate for this is to get a Pure Preamp.

It may also be necessary to turn down the bass control on the amp. We use an Ultrasound acoustic amp (10 meg input) and we have to turn down the bass on the amp basically all the way. But it sounds great this way. If you are reluctant to turn down the bass because you think that the EQ must be at a centered position otherwise something would be wrong, it's important to remember that EQ exists to be used.

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