One or more strings are lower in output

A defective transducer is not likely. We thoroughly test each of the transducers several times during production. It is a lot more likely that it is an installation issue.

There are many factors that can go wrong during an installation, but the one factor which seems to be the dominant one is that not enough glue was used. This may result in the pickup only being partially bonded to the bridge plate. This can be due to insufficient coverage that causes empty spots with no glue, or due to the glue drying prematurely and only partially or insufficiently bonding the pickup to the instrument. One indicator of good glue coverage is to see “oozed out glue” around the entire edge of the transducer.

To fix this problem, you'll have to carefully remove the system and re-install. See: Can I remove superglued Pure pickups and can I re-install them?

If the problem is with the high E string, the issue is a little more complicated. First of all, this is not caused by a weak high string transducer. This phenomenon seems to happen only on guitars with tight X bracing. The brace closest to the high strings seems to inhibit the vibration on the high E string area of the bridgeplate. This seems to affect bridgeplate pickups in general. LR Baggs reports the same problem with their I-Beam.

Acoustically, these guitars sound fine and balanced, the phenomenon affects only the bridgeplate. It may be corrected by adding a fourth transducer beyond the X brace on the high string side. This one would be glued to the soundboard. Soldering is necessary here.

It may also help to relocate the e-b string transducer towards the high string side X brace as far as possible. These remedies may not correct the problem 100 percent.

The “surefire” way to correct this problem is to add an undersaddle pickup by upgrading to a PowerMix Pure System. You would not need to blend in a lot of undersaddle pickup to amplify the E string. Unwanted undersaddle characteristics like quack or harsh tone are not an issue in the final, overall tone of the system.

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