My Pure pickup seems to momentarily shut off, especially when I press or bump on the bridge with my wrist

We've experienced this phenomenon a few times and it seems to happen mostly with the Pure 12-String but a few incidents were reported with the Pure Mini as well. It has to do with two things: Extremely high impedance of the input you plug in (like LR Baggs Para Di or Fishman Platinum preamp or and very high impedanced acoustic amp) and a special protection circuit used in some amps.

First off, the pickup does not shut down momentarily, but the amp you are using has a safety protection circuit, which shuts the power amp down momentarily in order to protect the speakers. Some Fender acoustic amps and powered studio monitors feature this protection circuit.

What happens is this: A “burst” of low frequencies is produced when you push down or bump on the bridge with your wrist. This “burst” would actually cause very dramatic speaker movement and the protection circuit kicks in.

If you use Baggs Para DI preamp, for example, this may happen. It exaggerates the bass frequencies due to its extremely high impedance input. The Pure Pickup has strong bass to begin with and does not need any further boost. The remedy here is to use our Pure Preamp and turn down the bass on the amp to the degree needed for good sound, but not more. You will also find that if you plug the guitar directly into a 1/4" line input of a mixing console, the “cut out” phenomenon will not happen. This is because the line input of the board is low impedance.

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