Can I remove superglued Pure pickups and can I re-install them?

The superglue we supply does not bond super tight. This makes it possible to remove the pickups without damaging the wood, but you may damage a pickup during removal. You have to carefully test the pickups after removal and cleaning (explained later). You can purchase single replacement transducers from us if needed.

Removal can be tricky and is not recommended for non-professionals because we do not want you to accidentally hurt yourself. We recommend using a scraper blade (razor blade with a handle on one side) to separate the pickup from the bridge plate from the endpin side (the back of the pickup). Make sure to get the blade flat between wood and metal side of the pickup. This is the difficult part. The pickup usually pops off once the blade is about 1/8 - 1/4" or so under the pickup. The glue residue on the bridge plate can be removed with fine sandpaper or you can carefully scrape it off with the scraper blade.

Please be aware that K&K takes no responsibility for damage to your instrument or personal injury during the pickup removal process. We strongly recommend that this procedure only be performed by professional luthiers or guitar techs.

If done correctly there should be no damage to the bridgeplate or guitar top. But again - some skill is needed to do this. Any good luthier should be able to remove the pickups.

Be careful not to bend the pickups during removal. Visually inspect the pickups for bend marks or other irregularities. If they look damaged, they may still work but we recommend replacing bent or nicked pickups. Use the scraper blade to scratch off any remaining glue residue from the golden side of the transducers. Some fine scratches in the metal will not hurt the performance.

To test the pickups, plug the pickups into an amp. If you have a Trinity System you can still plug a mono cable into the endpin jack and you will get the pickups only. Hold one pickup at a time about 3/4" (2cm) from the pickup head on the cable and tap the pickup with your finger. Do this tapping in both directions, so that you tap the black side and the golden side. You can do this quite hard. The tapping sound has to be amplified and all pickups should produce about the same volume. There should not be any missing taps. There should not be any loud "crackles." If the pickups test out fine, you can reinstall them.

Make sure that all glue residue is cleaned off the wood of the bridge plate or guitar top. Smooth the wood surface until it is perfectly straight and clean. You can use any store-bought superglue to glue the pickups into your guitar. We recommend a superglue GEL, because it gives you a little more time to re-position the pickups before it dries.

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