Product Manuals

All product manuals in PDF format

Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Pure Mini
Pure Classic
Pure 12-String

FanTaStick Undersaddle Pickups
Double Helix Soundhole Pickup
Double Helix/Pure Mini Combination System
Double Helix Upgrade System

Pure + Volume Control
Pure + Pre-Phase
Pure + Tri-Star

UltraPure System (Discontinued 2015)
UltraPure System (New Model as of 2015)
Trinity Pro System
Trinity Upgrade Soldering Instructions
Onboard Trinity System

PowerMix Pure System
PowerMix Pure XT
PowerMix Trinity (Discontinued April 2018)

Pure Resonator BB
Pure Resonator SB

Pure Maccaferri (Discontinued 2017)
Pure Maccaferri XT (New Model as of 2017)
Pure Floating Bridge Pickup

Upright Bass Pickups

Bass Max
Double Big Twin
Bass Master Pro
Bass Master Rockabilly
Fingerboard Pickup
Golden Bullet URB Microphone
Golden Trinity Bass Systems
Pure Bass

Other Instrument Pickups

Aloha Twin
Banjo Twin
Big Island Spot
Definity System
Hot Harmonica
Mandolin Twin Internal
Mandolin Twin Fusion
Pure Piano

Multi-Use Pickups

Hot Spot
Twin Spot
Twin Spot Internal
Big Shot
Big Twin


Accordion Microphone System
CXM5 Saxophone Microphone
Golden Bullet Miniature Microphone
Meridian Microphone for Guitar
Meridian Microphone for Mandolin
Silver Bullet Miniature Microphone


Pure Preamp
Pure XLR Preamp
Pure XLR Mach 2 Preamp
Dual Channel Pro Preamp & ST
Trinity Pro Preamp
Tri-Star Preamp (Discontinued 2015)
Tri-Star Pro Preamp (Discontinued 2015)
Quantum Blender
Pre-Phase Miniature Preamp
UltraPure Preamp (Discontinued 2015)
UltraPure Preamp (New Model as of 2015)
Volume Control Add-On
Preamp Power Supply
Preamp Table

Vibraphone Amplification

Vibraphone/Marimba Amplification System
Vibraphone Emergency Kit

Single Vibraphone Pickups